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Who's doing the cleaning at your home?
Women claim up to 79%, Men claim 35%.
A staggering 46% of couples argue about cleaning, 27% of those about who should do the cleaning.

We all want a clean home and agree that cleaning is essential.
Homes are 2-5 times dirtier than outdoors, with traditional household chemicals contributing to the indoor pollutants that can lead to health problems. Keeping home cleaned weekly contributes greatly to the overall health of all members of the family, including pets. Having a service to keep your home clean, contributes to a happier, healthier home and happier couples!

Stop the fighting over who is going to do the cleaning this week
start spending that cleaning time with your family, enjoying what you want to do!


About us, what can we say, we love to clean!
Our mission is simple, to provide the absolute best services at reasonable prices, putting our clients first and foremost. All of us, from the crew, or "Squeakers" as we call them, to the office staff is committed to making sure you have the absolute
best experience with us!
Verified Home Cleaning Pros, members Chamber of Commerce, verified merchants, providers with Cleaning for Cancer and Cleaning for Heroes.

Cleaning for a healthier, happier home doesn't have to be difficult.  In fact, we actually have fun doing it!
The use of green, natural and sustainable products
makes our staff happier and your home healthier. 
A win win!!